NuWave: The Virtual Reality Experience


Brookline Interactive Group Thu, Nov 16, 2017 5:30 PM
Film Info
Director(s):Shirin Anlen
Or Fleisher
Aviv Meshulam
Ziv Schneider
Nimrod Shanit Blimey
Timur Musabay
In Person/Special Program:Timur Musabay
Nir Darom
Sponsored By:Brookline Interactive Group
Public VR Lab
Israeli American Council


Virtual Reality has recently emerged as a new medium for storytelling, and filmmakers around the world have been embracing and experimenting with it.


Experience VR projects over cocktails and snacks and join us for a discussion focusing on some of the most interesting trends in VR storytelling.

Panelists for the discussion will include creator Timur Musabay, creator Nir Darom, and Kathy Bisbee, Executive Director of Brookline Interactive Group


Projects Include:


Tzina: A poetic, interactive VR documentary that brings us into the now-demolished Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv. There, the park's regulars muse on their experiences of love and loss. Created by Shirin Anlen and Or Fleisher.


Myth: An interactive VR short film featuring the music of Livyatanim. The film is created as a way to interact and build upon the music, putting the listener inside our conceived reality on a path that is as random as it is designed and directed. Myth makes use of the song "Can I Peacefully Love" and puts the user in control of his viewing perspective, an element that creates a personal, deep and surreal experience. Created by: Or Fleisher and Aviv Meshulam


Sono: An interactive live music performance, performed by Livyatanim and captured as an immersive experience both visually and sonically. The 'venue' in which the band plays is a dark crater located in a surreal outer-space environment, surrounded by cosmic events and astronomical phenomenons. Sono features three songs, each of them played by the band as the surrounding world changes around them. The music, like the visuals, is binaural, allowing the user to move around and hear what they would hear if they were surrounded by the band. Created by: Or Fleisher


The Museum of Stolen Art: A virtual space for art that has been stolen, looted, lost to greed, or lost to conflict. The museum serves as a photo array for a crime mystery, and a tool for learning more about the circumstances in which art is disappearing or being destroyed. The visitors are encouraged to keep a look out and leave a voice report in the app if they encounter a stolen piece in the physical world. Created by: Ziv Schneider


The Holy City: The Holy City is an innovative and interactive VR experience which transports the user to the world's spirtual epicenter creating a new form of interactive documentary that draws on traditional and modern VR game mechanics to encourage the user to participate and explore their environment. It will grant the viewer exclusive access to the holiest sites throughout Jerusalem, guided by three key religious protagonists that represent perspectives from Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Created By: Nimrod Shanit Blimey and Timur Musabay

STAT, BIG, and the Public VR Lab present Immersive Storytelling at the Intersection of Media, Health, Medicine and Scientific Discovery in Boston:

The STAT news team from the Boston Globe, BIG and the Public VR Lab collaborated to produce three unique experiences in locations around Boston that resulted in three 360 films introducing Boston residents and viewers worldwide to what it might feel like to work in a high security lab on the Ebola virus in Boston's NEIDL (National Emerging Infectious Diseases Lab); or to better understand the experience of a Tufts Dental School student, and see the intense teamwork of the effective Boston Children's Hospital's inffant trauma unit.


Presented in partnership with the Brookline Interactive Group


Sponsored by 

Brookline Interactive Group

Public VR Lab

Israeli American Council