In Your Eyes, I See My Country: Live Q&A and Performance

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Live conversation with director Kamal Hachkar and film subjects Neta Elkayam & Amit Hai Cohen with musical performance on Sunday, November 8, 12:30pm:

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KAMAL HACHKAR was born in 1977 in Tinghir, Morocco. In his films, Kamal confronts questions about identity both as an insider and an outsider. His previous documentary, Tinghir Jerusalem, played at the Boston Jewish Film Festival in 2013

AMIT HAI COHEN is a musician, composer, filmmaker and curator who works along the artistic axis between Jerusalem and Morocco. As a composer, Amit works across dance and film and tours internationally with his projects and collaborates with leading musicians from the Jewish and Arab world. 

NETA ELKAYAM is musician and visual artist Having graduated with honors from the “Key” School of Arts, she now works and lives in Jerusalem. Neta performs, writes and renews North African Jewish music. Inspired by the poetry of North African women, she combines in her music Andalusian, Amazigh, and Mediterranean influences as well as rock, pop, and Piyut. She is the winner of the ACUM music prize and was nominated for an Ophir (Israeli Academy) Award for a leading role in the 2019's musical film Red Fields (Mami)