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Join us and celebrate 32 years of Boston Jewish Film Festival!


Toast the end of the first virtual festival Boston Jewish Film Festival with a BJFF-themed cocktail! Internationally renowned, award-winning bartender Naomi Levy has designed a bespoke cocktail for us (with alcohol and non-alcoholic options). She will instruct us  on all aspects of making the cocktail , from start to first sip! We will be making both alcohol and alcohol-free versions of the drink.


After mixing and pouring, we will chat about our favorite films from this year’s festival.


FREE with registration. Limited tickets available.



Gin (or Vodka)

Granulated Sugar & Hot Water (or pre-prepared Simple Syrup)

1 Whole Lemon

2-3 Slices Cucumber

3-4 Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Parsley





Shaker Set (aka something to shake your cocktail in! Suggestions will be given during class.)

Fine mesh strainer (aka tea strainer)

Small bowls (2)

Small Cutting Board


Measuring Cups


Glass to serve your cocktails in


Optional Tools 

Common household replacements will be recommended during class

Cocktail Strainers



Hand Juicer



More about Naomi Levy

Naomi Levy is an internationally renowned, award winning bartender based in Boston. Naomi is a bar & restaurant consultant and is the founder of Beyond the Mixing Glass. Best know for her time as the bar manager of Eastern Standard (2010-2016), Naomi has won multiple regional and national titles, was named Best Bartender by Boston Magazine in 2019, and a Wine Enthusiast 40 under 40.  


Naomi is the founder of Maccabee Bar, an annual Hanukkah-themed pop-up bar. Maccabee Bar is meant for anyone who wants to experience a different side of the holidays, whether you grew up celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or anything else. Macabee Bar transforms local bars Hanukkah wonderlands with special decor, specially themed cocktails and traditional bites. Offerings change every year but there will always be Latkes and lots of Chutzpah! To learn more about this year’s celebration go to: