Karaoke (Opening Night)

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Film List:Yes
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Film Type:In-Person
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Director(s):Moshe Rosenthal
Producer(s):Efrat Cohen
Running Time:100 min
Type of Film:Fiction
Premiere Status:Massachusetts Premiere
Family Relationships
Cast:Sasson Gabay
Rita Shukrun
Lior Ashkenazi


Meir (Sasson Gabay, The Band's Visit, Gett BJFF 2014, Aviva, My Love BJFF 2006) and Tova (Rita Shukrun, Orange People BJFF 2014, Metallic Blues BJFF 2004) are a middle-aged Sephardic couple with two grown daughters living in an upscale suburb of Tel Aviv. After 46 years of marriage, they have resigned themselves to living out their lives in semi-retirement. When Itzik (Lior Ashkenazi, Foxtrot BIFF 2018, Big Bad Wolves BJFF 2013) a sexy bachelor moves into the upstairs penthouse and invites them to one of his Karaoke nights, everything changes. In vying for Itzik’s attention and affection, Meir and Tova go on their own journeys of self-exploration and ultimately, transformation. 


Followed by a conversation with Actor Sasson Gabay and Writer/Director Moshe Rosenthal in-person. 

Nominated for 14 Ophir Awards, with 4 wins including Best Actor (Sasson Gabay) and Best Actress (Rita Shukrun).