How to Survive the Heatwave and Stay Human (w/Concerned Citizen)

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Concerned Citizen
Virtual Cinema Sat, Mar 25 12:00 AM - Wed, Mar 29 11:59 PM
Streaming Available from March 26, 12am - March 29, 11:59pm for a 48 hour watch period.
Ben, a gay, liberal-minded architect, plants a sapling his South Tel Aviv neighborhood. This seemingly small act sets off a chain of events that compel him to question everything he is.
Film Info
Director(s):Alon Sharabi
Ronni Shalev
Running Time:8 min
Type of Film:Animation
Premiere Status:East Coast
Young Adults
Films by Women


It’s the hottest day of the year. A scorching heatwave smothers Jerusalem. In the city center, three roommates live in blissful ignorance under the cool breeze of their air conditioner. But when the AC suddenly breaks down, one roommate must brave the elements to find a new battery, thus discovering “how to survive the heatwave and stay human.” Created by Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design students (and partners) Ronni Shalev and Alon Sharabi.